Fedora Live without gui

Nvidia 820 gf
How can I boot Fedora Live without the gui and then change the /etc/gdm/custom.conf file to bring up the gui in the same Fedora without rebooting, or how can I change the Fedora ISO to use xorg be?

Rather than asking how to execute a possible solution you’ve discovered to a problem you haven’t described, I suggest that giving a complete description of the problem and then asking for suggested solutions would be more productive.

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Unfortunately, because my laptop graphics card is nvidia, it does not support wayland, and the basic graphic boot mode does not work for me. Of course, I can’t enter the tty either

I doubt that your assumption stated here is valid.
At the very least, you should give us information about your hardware, what you are attempting to do, and details of what is happening.

Without information we can only guess, and most of those guesses may be (and likely are) completely out of the ballpark of the actual problem and solution.

Help yourself and us as well by at least making an attempt to provide necessary information.

Just as a note, NO, it is not possible to modify the live image boot process unless you are an expert and create your own bootable image. That fix for a problem that has not been described is not feasible for most.

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