Fedora is only booting with basic graphics on live-usb, was working fine before, really stumped

After a reboot today I am only able to get a video output from my GTX 1660 Ti with basic graphics mode. This includes trying to boot in with a brand new live-usb. I am able to get a video output during boot, in my graphical bios, and in the screen to decrypt my drive, but as soon as Wayland/X11 starts it dies.

I’m at a loss for what is happening. I have used a live cd with the same version of fedora just fine on this system today, and it makes no sense why the live usb would stop working. I want to say it’s a hardware failure, but then why would basic graphics still work? My CPU has no integrated graphics, so the GPU must be at least partially functional.

Any advice on how to diagnose the problem?

I think I figured out that it was secure boot. It was enabled in the bios and disabling it (again) seems to have fixed the problem.