No gui after boot 38

I solved boot problem.

I see the fedora icon at boot time but then the screen goes black

But gui doesn’t load even with basic graphic

Systemd stops in this level

Nvidia 820 gf

Did you wait? It is still in process of booting, seems specifically during network manager dispatcher service is starting. When it hangs, see if you can get a console login by using [ctrl] [alt] [F3].

Yes, even after 15 minutes, nothing happens. When I want to go to the tty by pressing the alt, ctr, f3 button, the tty entries are flashing and I can’t enter it.

That sounds a lot like a video issue to me. I don’t have any systems with nvidia cards in them so I really can’t provide much except possibly search this site for nvidia related issues, I have seen them discussed here quite a bit. Usually it will boil down to whether you need to run the open source or proprietary nvidia drivers.

But even GUI does not work with basic graphic. The Debian installed on my system works with xorg without proprietary drivers. So what should I do? ;/

Can I make fedora live come up with xorg?

You can change from using Wayland to using Xorg, but I don’t know if it works on the live image. Normally you would have the option at login after you select your user a gear appears in the lower right corner of the screen and if you click on that it opens up a menu to select the login type of session (Gnome, Gnome with X, etc…).