"Fedora" entry in "Gnome Online Accounts" is for firefox, fedpkg, etc. credentials

It took me quite a while to struggle with FAS.

issue 1: FAS silently simply does not service some e-mail domains, probably thought of as “throw-away addresses”. But this domain was not of throw-away type. I guess, this behavior is coded in some library, and toplevel FAS people are not even aware of it in terms of being delibarate policy.

issue 2: So then I fell back to my old mail address.

Failure too, and what was irritating was that the error message was misleading. I forgot what it was. Maybe it complained about password or sth. when no password at all would satisfy FAS.

Not really a good first impression. But power users have come to expect these things these days. Also expect that FAS is not fully self-service, i.e. you have to wait 1 day or so until somebody enables things manually.

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Also: What is meant by “Network Resources” in the attached screenshot?

I have no idea!

In other words: What specifically is that Fedora account good for in the “SETTINGS” dialogue?

You should be able to connect automatically to your Fedora resources you have activated with your Fedora account.

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It is a forwarding mail address without any mailbox/space on fedora infrastructure.

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I still do not understand. What is a “Fedora resource”. I never used one. I don’t have one. What is it at all? some space on an ftp server or what ?


well, it also is possible to register on FAS a non-Fedora address such as: " sb@hotmail.wtf "

I clicked “check it out” and guess what happened… ERROR!

still no idea what that SETTINGS entry might be good for except error messages.

Do you maybe have a concrete example of one such “Resource” that makes sense to a newbie?

For example:
If you want to contribute and need to make your own fork of a software.

Hey you are new … did you read #start-here ? Please do so … and i also had doubts in the beginning. But reading a lot helped check this out:

From which URL you are doing the registration?

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I was absolutely aware of that.

To clarify: my question is this:

What is the difference if I fill in my Fedora Account under settings
as compared to to not fill in account credentials?

Like e.g. the creds for a e-mail account will be used in Thunderbird MUA or sth…

So what benefit is it to anybody ?


the regular new FAS account

I did not say: “I am new.”

got below when going to id.fedoraproject.org directly:

# **Nothing to Authenticate**

You will be redirected to this service when an application requires authentication against your Fedora Account

Visit [Fedora Accounts](https://accounts.fedoraproject.org) to create or modify your Fedora Account

yes, in case you were logged in already.

let me rephrase: What benefit is it to fill in this dialog:


I don’t understand which apps will actually use those credentials I gave.

What use is it to me as Firefox webbrowser will still ask me for the Fedora password.

So, I do not see what sense it makes to put in the creds if no app seemingly is using them.

I got the same even in private window of Firefox.

Normally we do not visit id.fedoraproject.org directly.

OK, but then which app is POSITIVELY using the FAS credentials from the GNOME SETTINGS dialog-window at all ?

As in: “positively, definitely, actually, in a real sense” making use of the FAS credentials provided by me to the GNOME SETTINGS app. And ideally not bothering me with the password ever again…


Above link does not touch on this question, but it should !

You don’t have to write bold (nor capital text), we can and do read. Normally writing bold means you get loud. You don’t have to. Start to read what i gave you as links. Nobody ever new everything from the first day on. It needs time.

I gave you an example …maybe you have to go thru the topic again. It has a reason why people not can do everything from the first day on. It is that they can get familiar with the system.

Stop to spam now … you are in a forum where people help you if they have time.

About your question about the “online accounts” please check the manual https://help.gnome.org/

The official user-account page is accounts.fedora-project.org

you are wasting my time with your RTFM verbiage. :nauseated_face:

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