What Can I do With My Fedora account (FAS)?

What possibilities Do I have in the Fedora Project with My FAS?


Fedora Project Offer different tools to contribute:

  1. There are many tools for achieving this purpose information on this page , the most important:
    • Fedora Account System, fas, The Fedora Account System keeps track of Fedora Project contributors and the projects they work on. It is used to grant authentication and authorization to various components. This currently includes the various git pkg repositories and Bugzilla.
    • Pagure, With pagure you can host your project with its documentation, let your users report issues, or request enhancements using the ticketing system, it is well-integrated into the Fedora ecosystem, particularly fedora-messaging.
    • Git lab Fedora Space, Gitlab, will available for any Fedora-related activities, it offers Agile and devops features that can help with advanced workflows.
    • Taiga, is an open-source project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.
    • Weblate, Weblate is a web-based translation tool with tight version control integration.
    • Koji, Koji is the software that builds RPM packages for the Fedora project
    • Copr, is a Fedora project to help make building and managing third-party package repositories easy.
    • Fedocal, it’s the public calendar service where teams organize their work.
    • Nuancier, is a simple voting application for the supplementary wallpapers included in Fedora.
    • Badges, is a fun website built to recognize contributors to the Fedora Project, help new and existing Fedora contributors find different ways to get involved and encourage the improvement of Fedora’s infrastructure.
    • Bugzilla, Report Bugs against Fedora, this option doesn’t include crashes from any program automatically reported from abrt.
    • Kernel test, During Kernel Test Days, contributors are asked to run a Kernel Regression Test which will help to detect and troubleshoot any issue with a new kernel version, before wider usage.
    • Mailing list, are electronic mailing lists (sometimes written as list or e-list). It is a special usage of email that allows for the widespread distribution of information to many Internet users.
    • Bodhi, is a modular web-based system that facilitates the process of publishing package updates for Fedora.
    • Wiki, Fedora Wiki pages for place technical and non-technical documentation.
    • Docs, Documentation about User Documentation and Fedora Project & Community.
    • Fedora Magazine, writing post about various themes for Fedora.
    • Translations, to translate Fedora web sites, documentation, and other stuff
    • Askfedora, A place for Fedora users to troubleshoot issues.
    • Discussion, Discussion of Fedora desktop environments. Note that this is primarily for development and testing topics, or conversations about the various desktop projects in Fedora and A place for Fedora users to troubleshoot issues.
  2. There is a Fedora Magazine post about it:
    • Signing up for a Fedora account
    • Configuring Fedora Workstation for single sign-On using Gnome Online Account
    • Single sign-on with a web browser

If You have a FAS account, you signed the contributor agreement (CLA, so you are in the CLA group) and you are a member of at least one other group (CLA+1), you can do the following;