Fedora Accounts User Docs

HI all,

Back when we launched the new Fedora Accounts, i wrote up User Documentation for the new system, and it is hosted on the Fedora Docs Website here:

The source is currently stored in the Fedora Infra github here:

Anyway, since docs is moving over to GitLab, I propose I move this repo as a repo under this Docs subgroup on GitLab:

Just wondering if anyone has any issues with this. (I am also currently writing up a small doc on our using our gitlab, so intend on creating a new repo for that in the same group too)


Ok Done:

also, have an open PR to change the location on docs.fp.o:


Wondering a bit. Who is “responsible” for that doc? Who will keep it up-to-date? I guess it is fedora-infrastructure? To me, the text looks more like part of some guide, probably of an “Infrastructure Guide” in the long run and should reside there (if it exists). Or maybe something like “New Fedora user’s first steps” so it would be something for the onboarding team?

On a first look, it seems to me as one of the “curation issues” we are struggling with.

Yeah, I am responsible for it – there really aren’t any other documents like it – it is user (in this case, contributor user) documentation

Nevermind. I removed the repo from the docs org on gitlab, and returned it back to fedora-infra on github.

After some other discussion, this is now back in the gitlab with the other Docs, and archived on github.

Sorry for the churn.