Fedora Account System not a valid login for Bugzilla in the Problem Reporting application

FAS is a valid method of logging into the the Red Hat Bugzilla for Fedora. However, you cannot use your FAS credentials to login to Bugzilla to submit a problem report in the Problem Reporting application. Is it possible for Fedora Infrastructure and the developers of Problem Reporting to address this, or is there a blocking issue or organizational block?

The What Can I do with my Fedora Account (FAS)? article notes that you can login to Bugzilla with your FAS, but doesn’t warn or note that this does not include the Problem Reporting application and process.

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I guess Problem Reporting does not support Single Sign On, so we still need to create a dedicated Bugzilla password for our linked account in order to use Problem Reporting.


It is unfortunate that Problem Reporting doesn’t support single-sign-on. I’ll create a Bugzilla account; I’ll likely need one going forward anyways.


I think this should be properly documented at the very least and ideally also fixed. Unfortunately I can’t tell you from the top of my head where to report this or whether there are unfixable blockers, but I think it should be doable given some dedication. And it’s always worth the effort to remove one hurdle for new contributors imo. I’ll set this on my private todo but can’t make promises on if or when it will come to the top of this ever growing list. Hopefully someone else with more ad hoc answers comes by in the mean time.

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Maybe @hhlp will see this if I tag him and can add a note to his post.

I can edit Wiki pages if that should be necessary, just leave a link here!

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What are we talking about here?

Are you referring to when a gnome application crashes and abrt reporting automatically the problem…?

Is these What are asking for?

That option was available before in preview releases don’t remember when now sorry maybe :fedora: 28 or something like this, I don’t know the decision behind this to disable/remove this functionality under abrt

I can make a note specifying this behaviour…

Regards., and thx for your time…

Yes, from abrt. Thanks for asking asking clarification.


note add it…

Report Bugs against Fedora, this option doesn’t include crashes from any program automatically reported from abrt .



Thanks, Héctor!

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