Fedora Account and FAS

It seems I haven’t been active on fedora since the transition from FAS to the new Fedora Account :frowning:
Anyway, when I tried yesterday to go to Ask Fedora, I was redirected to Fedora Discussion and I was asked to create an account. Which is weird, since I just logged in with my FAS credentials.

So now, I have a Fedora Discussion account labeled macxpat1 (even so my username is macxpat) and I can’t access my previous old posts on Ask Fedora under macxpat.

Is it possible to recover my old Ask Fedora account (and posts) and merge it with the Fedora Discussion account?
If a merge is not possible, how can I access my old Ask Fedora posts?

Thanks for your support!

Do you have access to the email address used in the first account? If you can make that the email address in FAS on the new account, Discourse should recognize and merge them.

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Thank you! I will try that!

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