Important config correction: sync account usernames to match Fedora Account System

I noticed that when debugging something earlier this year, I accidentally left a setting off that should have been on — username sync from Fedora Account System on login. This is pretty important, so I’m putting it back. This may cause some usernames here to change to match the authoritative one in FAS — but should not change the display name. (For example, for me, the username is mattdm and the display name "Matthew Miller`.

If you would like to change the username used here, this should work:

  1. Create new Fedora Account System account with the desired username.
  2. Make sure that that account’s email is added and verified to your account here
  3. Disable your old Fedora account
  4. Log out of your account here
  5. Log in with the new account.

Because both Discourse and FAS have validated the new email, it should cause them both to merge. If for some reason that does not happen or is impossible, site admins here can merge accounts manually.

Sorry about any inconvenience!