FAS username

I’m trying to login to copr.fedorainfracloud.org, but when when I put my credentials it says:

You logged in using your email. This is not supported. Please log in with your FAS username instead after logging out here.

Are the credentials to log into the forum the same ones to log into copr.fedorainfracloud.org?

If so, how do I find out my FAS username?

May it be your FAS username?
Out of curiosity, what do you use to login here on Ask Fedora?

Click on your Avatar > Preferences

How do you know my username on the other site?

Another account with email and password

no, it seems they are two different accounts.

At least I have two different accounts on the two site, and my credentials here on ask don’t work on the other site

Yes you are right, me too. That’s why i use KeePassX to keep record of it.

I put ‘thebudget72’ in the search bar.

What about the opposite? Can you use the FAS username here? If yes, it matches with your Ask Fedora profile?


If yes, it matches with your Ask Fedora profile?

Apparently yes, I just connected with my FAS username

Well I connected with my FAS username here, and now the username on the right of the alias changed from “thebudget72” to my FAS username