Discourse account creation dialog is unclear

This is the dialog that you get after you create a fedoraproject.org account and are setting up the Discourse side:

What was confusing to me at the time (and still is), is what does the “Fedora Account System” button do. Could this dialog be improved somehow?

Also, It isn’t really clear if the × in the top right corner would cancel creating the Discourse account and not reserve this username. Some alt-text tooltip would be appreciated.

Can you please give us a link to this exact URL? So we can see it in English and better understand what exactly you mean.

I guess easiest way would be to join the translation team and clarify with them how you would like to have it. It seams that you are not happy with the translation in your language, right?

This refers to: “Fedora Accounts allows you to create and manage an account for Fedora Tools and Infrastructure.”

As a Fedora contributor I have a Fedora Account System (FAS) account.
My guess is this is where you join the discuss and FAS systems together.

I can see that this is unclear. We shouldn’t make people guess. I’ll take a look at what can be improved in the design.

Sorry everyone for leaving you hanging for almost a month. I wasn’t home at the time and then got distracted.

I don’t think this page even has its own URL. I looked through my browsing history and I don’t see anything account-creation-related (besides the accounts.fedoraproject.org stuff I had to go through prior). To see this dialog you would need to create a new fedoraproject.org account and then start setting up the discussion.fedoraproject.org side.

The text on the left more or less says “Hello! Let’s create your account” and then there are fields for your username, the display name and whatnot. That’s not the important part here though.

Well, I figured it has something to do with these Fedora accounts. I had to create one as well – that was the first step of registering here so I could start posting. It just isn’t really clear what does that button do specifically. My bet would be it allows you to change the FAS account you’re about to use for the discuss side.

Great! Do you know if there is some issue tracker that would better suit this report?

I’m not really sure where to look for the code responsible for this account creation flow, but if someone pointed me to it I could think of possible improvements and try contributing patches.

Somewhere in here: discourse/app/services/user_authenticator.rb at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Or, related… Code search results · GitHub

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Hmm, but isn’t that dialog somewhat Fedora-specific though?

No, it’s just the generic dialog you get when you log in with an external auth provider but do not yet have a connected discourse account. “Fedora Account System” on the button comes from a config option (oauth2 button title) but I don’t see any other visual or layout options.

The pronouns question is there because we’ve defined that as a “user field”; we could put others there too, but it’s part of the generic system for that, not something we’ve added. (I see we need translations, though!)