Fedora Driver or Flash freezes (CPU Intel 9700k, GPU Nvidia GTX 1080)

I am new to Linux and this is my second attempt with Fedora since trying to use it mid last year. I chose Fedora because i am Learning a 3D program called Sidefx Houdini as well as other 3D programs and was amazed by the performance and security enhancements Linux provides. I have been dealing with freezes followed by full system crashes for the last week and my lack of knowledge of Linux has made it difficult for me to troubleshot like i can with windows and mac. I am in for the long haul but i seem to have exhausted my google searching for this issue and come here as a last resort.

My system i built last year consists an Intel 9700k and an NVIDIA GTX 1080(which i need for 3D GPU rendering). I have the KDE spin of Fedora 31 installed on an SSD. In my bios i currently have the Intel IGPU selected as the main GPU because i plan to blacklist and pass through the GTX 1080 into a Windows VM so i can run a Origin Game and a Microsoft Game i own and Adobe. I However keep getting random freezes where audio still plays but then will eventually stop and the entire system crashes. There are two kernels 5.3.7-301 and 5.4.12-200 they both suffer crashes but 5.4.12-200 is basically unusable and 5.3.7-301 is stable until i start using any web browser with YouTube (it may be triggered by flash or HTML5).

When i thought it was a NVIDIA driver issue(before i learned about GPU pass-through) i tried RPM fusion and also the very complicated process of disabling Nouveau so i can install the proprietary NVIDIA driver, RPM fusion install dis not cause the problem to stop and i made things worst trying to disable Nouveau. Every-time i try something and i create a bigger problem, I have wiped the hard drive and done so at least 6 times by now. Some installs have added on a slightly new issues, the current new issue is that kernel 5.4.12-200 can’t turn on and use my bluetooth card while 5.3.7-301 can. So now i am thinking since i have made the Intel iGPU the main GPU and this new Bluetooth issue it is a different driver issue. I unfortunately do not know what to do to stop these crashes which seem to only happen while i am using a web browser with YouTube (or flash). I thought it was Firefox so i started using Vivaldi and both seemed to cause the crashes.

Thanks for reading and i appreciate the help.


Go try LTS (RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu LTS, Debian, CentOS, etc…) outright.  Fedora get insane amount of Kernel updates.  It breaks Nvidia Graphics pretty frequently.

Remember: machines created for people to work with them, not fix them constantly.  Sad, but true.

PS:  CentOS is closer to Fedora, though.  Also your can try Arch Linux with linux-lts Kernel (they package Nvidia drivers in main repos, for both linux and linux-lts).  Arch is rolling, much like to Fedora in this regard.

Thank your for choosing GNU Linux!

Link to “Solution” of similar thread.

Hey thanks, So i haven’t been using Linux too much lately because all the application plugins i need to get work done just work without any issue in windows right now. But thanks to your link i came to the conclusion that my 5.2GHz overclock could be the issue. When i deactivated it everything works fine but unfortunately i loose my overclock. Maybe i need to adjust my voltage or something, hopefully ill find a solution for that issue.