Fedora doesn't recognize V-MODA BoomPro mic in audio settings

As a matter of fact, Fedora hasn’t ever been able to recognize any 3.5mm microphone that I insert into my computer. I know there is nothing wrong with the cable, I know its fully in the port. I’ve tried looking online for other people with similar issues but can’t find anyone else suffering from this specific issue.

Hello @nukey-mcmeltface ,
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Could you please be a bit more specific about recognize? If I plug a microphone into my PC or laptop running Fedora, it doesn’t automatically connect the mic to use unless I enable it, otherwise it would stay as whatever the wireplumber settings were defaulted at. You can open settings in gnome and look at your audio settings to see if the microphone input shows a connection with the level meter. You should also be able to test it there.

Recognize was the wrong word, I mean detect. I’m aware that I can view the audio inputs and outputs and enable the one I desire. Problem is the 3.5mm mic does not appear as an option in the input drop down selection.


Hi @nukey-mcmeltface ,
Please connect the mic, then type pipewire-cli info all to see if your mic is recognized as an unconnected remote source. Sorry, I meant to add, this is in a terminal.

This is what I got:
[E][07143.950712] mod.protocol-native | [module-protocol-: 714 lock_socket()] server 0x564f55e33960: unable to lock lockfile '/run/user/1000/pipewire-0.lock': Resource temporarily unavailable (maybe another daemon is running) [E][07143.950807] pw.conf | [ conf.c: 573 load_module()] 0x564f55e0fb40: could not load mandatory module "libpipewire-module-protocol-native": Resource temporarily unavailable [E][07143.951143] default | [ pipewire.c: 105 main()] failed to create context: Resource temporarily unavailable

What that shows is two services trying to use the same socket exclusively I believe. I will try to look at pipewire and wireplumber socket usage. You could check with how pipewire likes it’s devices used (I believe it is sources and sinks but I was almost certain you could make multiple sources for one device.