Configuring pipewire to work with my audio setup

I just treated myself to a Sound BlasterX G6 and a couple of Beyerdynamic MMX 300 but I am having trouble getting the microphone to work. I’m only (sorta) familiar with alsamixer on Linux, since the only audio “issues” I’ve ever experienced were low audio and those were easily fixable with alsamixer.

Can someone help me sort this out with pipewire? Thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi, do you use a desktop environment? You can already play with the sound settings in Gnome.

Hi. Yeah, I use the Workstation edition (so GNOME). I managed to get it to “work”, finally, by running alsamixer and setting the mic to ‘External Mic’ insted of ‘Line In’. Unfortunately, the changes won’t stick with each reboot, so I have created a script to auto-execute upon boot.
Another thing is that the mic gain is looowww, even with all the settings cranked up. Really annoying that manufacturers don’t make proper Linux drivers; next time: no tux, no bux.