Fedora 40: Updates for developer versions to beta and then stable version possible?

I’m just testing out the developer version of Fedora 40 KDE. Installed ISO Fedora-KDE-Live-x86_64-40-20240221.n.0.iso from Index of /pub/fedora/linux/development/40 two days ago.

Till now, I got one small update. That’s why I wanted to ask if these developer versions are getting updates to new developer versions, beta and stable version as soon as they are available? Or do I have to download new ISO files and install from scratch?

this docs show that yes, just keep it up to date, and it gonna update to stable automatically


Hello, no need to reinstall F40 latter, you can just go running sudo dnf upgrade and by the date F40 get released your installation will be in sync with the new packages. Don’t worry if some days you don’t get so much package upgrades.

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Thank you both, @finlike & @geraldosimiao !

So I’m safe to stay with the developer version and install updates / upgrades as soon as they are available. :+1:

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