Which Repos should be active for stable F36?

Recently moved to Fedora from Arch. Currently on the F36 Beta. Struggling to understand how the different Fedora repos work.

After the full F36 release I want to stick to the stable Fedora releases. I’ve read that I should be able to just dnf update from beta > stable when stable is released. As for right now should I disable the testing repos in the software GUI ? Are packages still being released there until final release ? Or will they be pushed to the F36 repos given how close we are to full release ?

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Yup, as long as you dnf update on release or shortly after, you’ll be on regular Fedora 36. The biggest thing is that the updates-testing repo gets disabled around release time, which is the repo for packages that are still in testing but haven’t been fully vetted yet. This is enabled in the Beta release, but not in GA.


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The only thing you should do is:

it is highly recommended to run sudo dnf distro-sync in order to align package versions with the current release.

From quick docs: