Fedora 40 installer doesn't boot

Tested 1.9 beta, 21/3 and 25/3. I just end with a unmovable cursor and a black screen and that’s as far as he installer gets. 1.9 doesn’t even show a cursory it just reboots.

Any ideas?

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Can you give more details about your hardware, please?

Were you able to do a media check (successfully, presumably?)

How far does it get before booting?

Does it reboot by itself, in an infinite loop?

Does the f39 installer boot (to help us identify when a regression may have appeared)?

Amd A10-770K Socket FM2+motherboard 16gb DDR3, several SSDs and a 2tb WD hard drive. amd graphics in built with the motherboard

The nightly ones get to a screen with a grey square at the top left of screen and a cursor that can’t be moved, but they don’t reboot.

The 1.9 beta gets to the same screen but then reboots.

The 39 installer on the other hand boots to the installer without any issues.

Both nighlies boot to the installer in a virtual machine fine. And installs, albeit I had to change graphics driver (21.03 iso).

Thanks, will try booting in Basic graphics mode later and report later if any success.

X or Window Manager startup failed falling back to text mode (but no network access) .

I presume that’s what it’s supposed to do on everything ISO with nomodeset added to grub command?

That’s where iso boot gets to: