FEDORA 36 taking long time to load on my Asus laptop

Respected Fedora Community,
Recently i have installed the fedora 36. It is taking 5minutes to open on my laptop and it is taking 5 minutes to complete shutdown. My Asus Laptop configuration is I3 6th Generation, 4GB Ram, having 256 GB SSD and 1TB hard disk. I have installed Fedora on SSD and my PC is lagging and it took more time to write on text editor. Also while starting there is some system failure error coming. And one more thing i observed is that when i installed fedora it was single OS and when i started my laptop after two three times it is showing two fedora options to choose showing kernel version 5.18 and 5.17 so basically i want to ask that is fedora installed two times, i mean two fedora OS has installed?
Sorry for my Bad English and sorry for my technical knowledge as i am just a college student. Also i am unable to upload the ss of error because i am new user!

Kindly help me to resolve the issues.

Regarding your question about seeing additional Fedora options, kernel versions: don’t worry. When a new kernel is installed, two older kernels will be kept in case you need to revert to an older kernel. This is not a complete Fedora installation, just the small kernel packages.
About the system failure message during starting, tell us more.