Verbose logs appear after suspend

Hello everyone. I want to tell this problem what I can’t understand clearly. I get this problem twice in using Fedora 36 Workstation Edition on this laptops. This problem appear again in this day. I only take a photo to describing this problem.

Are all of you get this problem same as my problem? I want your opinions in this thread. Recently after get this problem, ABRT give a notification about kernel errors. I can boot again on my system after force shutdown with power button (I worry with my HDD condition). Thanks for your help.

Sorry my English

If I am reading the pic correctly, it could indeed be a failing spinning disk, it seems it is slow at responding during startup, but it (the laptop) seems to being put into suspend mode. Do you have the asusctl utilities installed for your asus laptop? They may be of help here if you don’t.

Hmmm, I not install asusctl for now in my system. Is it should install on ASUS laptop?

I think there may be some tools, there is a doc page here

I have a little paranoid to enable secure boot because in my previous Linux distros and I afraid to enable it, even I after read a wikis

I think what it says in the instructions regarding Secure Boot is that you need to disable it if it is enabled. If you do not have secure boot enabled you should be fine to follow the instructions there for installing asusctl and the secure boot is totally optional.

Oh, I get your points. Thanks for your suggestion, Mister

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