Fedora 36 stable image not found

Hi I am Rupesh from India and I am waiting for Fedora 36 a long time and today ie., May 10 2022 it has been released but I can’t find any stable iso image file instead I found Fedora 36 rc 1.5.

I think that admin of Fedora project has forgotten to place the stable image in the download page of get Fedora.

Please check it.

Fedora 36 rc 1.5 which was released 6 days ago and I think that it is testing or pre release.

Fedora-KDE-Live-x86_64-36-20220506.n.0.iso is newer than Fedora 36 rc 1.5.

The images from https://getfedora.org/ are correct.

You are right that for Fedora Linux 36, they do have -1.5 at then end, and that that indicates that that was release candidate 1.5. But this is how our process works: every release candidate build is literally that: a candidate to be released.

At the time it is built, we believe that all known blockers are resolved. But then we run that candidate through the validation process — testing it against the release criteria. If new blockers are found, we note them and when they’re fixed build a new RC and repeat. Once we have an RC which looks correct, we have a Go/No Go meeting, and if nothing else comes up, that release candidate becomes the final release.

We don’t rebuild it at that point, because that would be a waste of time and resources — and possibly introduce new problems.

As you have noticed, we also continue producing nightly builds. These may or may not have gone through the validation process, and could either have more bugs fixed (yay!) or introduce new problems (boo!). Unless you have a specific reason, the versions from https://getfedora.org/ are the ones you want.

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Incidentally, if you want to check for the official versions of a given Fedora image programmatically, that information can be found by parsing https://getfedora.org/releases.json. But that’s made for computer processing, not human consumption.