Fedora 40 Candidate RC-1.14 Available Now!

THIS IS NOT A RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT! This is about testing a compose that might become the Fedora 40 release. It is intended for folks interested in helping us with Fedora release testing.

According to the schedule, Fedora 40 Candidate RC-1.14 is now available for testing. Please help us complete all the validation testing! For more information on release validation testing, see:
QA:Release validation test plan - Fedora Project Wiki

Test coverage information for the current release can be seen at:

You can see all results, find testing instructions and image download
locations, and enter results on the Summary page:

Test Results:Fedora 40 RC 1.14 Summary - Fedora Project Wiki

The individual test result pages are:

All RC priority test cases for each of these test pages must pass in order to meet the RC Release Criteria.

Help is available on the Fedora Quality chat channel, the Fedora Quality tag on Discourse, or on the test list.

Current Blocker and Freeze Exception bugs:
Fedora 40 Final Blocker Bugs

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