Which is better Fedora 35 or Fedora 36


Which is better Fedora 35 or Fedora 36

Your question is not right.
35 is still under maintain and currently in stable and f36 is still in beta if all goes right 10th will be the date when it will be released with stable you can use whatever you want no issues there 36 is on the beta freeze state so it is also pretty stable now but if you don’t hwat beta installed install 35 and update to 36 once stable released.
35 or 36 both are good.


I agree with the previous post, my recommendation would be to use 35, and then upgrade when 36 officially releases. 36 release date was pushed back due to bugs, of course it is still usable but 35 is more stable. If you want to try it out, test the beta in a VM or live environment to ensure that 36 won’t cause significant problems on your computer. If your new to fedora, this kind of testing on a new distro is recommended anyways to know of hardware compatibility issues before the distro is installed on your system.

The above points are valid, and I’ll summarize them as: Wait for the final release of Fedora 36 (WS?) and then upgrade.

Based on your other posts, you may be new to Fedora, possibly to Linux, I’ll second the above recommendations and add some advice based on my ~20 years experience with Linux, the last 10 years or so primarily with Fedora:

  1. Update to the latest release of Fedora when the final release is available, but . . .
  2. . . . Wait a month or so after the final release to update, but . . .
  3. . . . Update to the latest release before the version you’re using is more than 2 versions behind.
  4. Don’t expect an update to the latest version to fix the problems you’re having with the version you’e using unless you’ve researched the fixes in the latest version and have determined the fix you need fixed is included.
  5. A corollary to the above: If possible, fix your problems in the version you’re using before updating to the latest - providing your ‘current’ version is still being maintained and supported.

Which version is better? For what? Why? That’s hard to answer without knowing why you’re asking. If you’re asking, “Will the latest version fix my browser’s video problems?” then probably not. There are always ‘improvements’ in new OS versions; some you may not care about or may not agree are improvements, but getting more than 2 versions behind can create even more problems. Stay updated to the latest version until you’re more experienced and confident with Linux and Fedora and able to strike out on your own, if necessary.

I haven’t read your posts describing your browser’s video problems, but I’ve found that these sort of problem are usually related to what the browser allows or which drivers are available for the browser and your video card. While I don’t like it, sometimes the use of multiple browsers is required to get the full desired functionality. Don’t give up, it should be a fairly simple solution.

Good luck, and be well!



You should see Fedora releases as a continuous development process, where the developers want to make things better and to integrate seamingless new technologies. From this point of view the things will be always get better and so every Fedora release is the base for the next improved and newer Fedora release. Fedora is the test-bed for RHEL and that is an important point: high-quality and rock-solid releases you will find at RED Hat. I hope it will help you to navigate through the universe of Fedora.