Fedora 36 - Audio delay while viewing youtube videos on chrome and firefox

Hi, when trying to view an associates video on youtube I noticed the audio was delayed by about two seconds. Since I’d never previously had a problem viewing youtube videos, I informed the associate of the behavior.
It was suggested I try other browsers and OSes. I was able to view it correctly on a Mac with chrome and firefox, same with a Windows 10 PC using chrome and firefox, same with Ubuntu 22.04 using chrome and firefox.

Some web searching seems to suggest a recent change in codec support might be the culprit.

For now I’m having to use another computer to view videos which is not a great alternative at this time.

Fedora 36 x86_64 desktop with Nvidia GeForce GT 710, kmod-nvidia-470xx-3:470.161.03-2.fc36.x86_64, 6.1.14-100.fc36.x86_64 kernel

Is there a fix for this?

There was an akmod update for my nvidia card (I didn’t reboot after that update), and thats what caused the issue with video playback. I rebooted and all is good again.