Fedora 39 Audio Lag

Hi I have been experiencing audio lags since F33 when I play youtube videos using Firefox . I have not tried other browsers I just prefer Firefox.

When I play a video content I miss a few seconds of the video before it plays the audio. I assumed it was due to Nvidia GPU given the amount of issues with Nvidia. However, the problem still persists after upgrading to AMD GPU. The reason for upgrading to AMD is for seamless use and avoid issues with Nvidia.

Is there a solution for this problem?

My setup is as below. PC is connected to HK amplifier and output of amp to TV.

Fedora 39
Amplfier: Herman Kardon

I have the same issue, in my case I don’t have GPU so I don’t think it is GPU related. It happen on every application that use sound, I regularly use Microsoft Edge, but happen as well on Firefox and chrome, I was under the impression it has something to do with the browsers video player, but I just notice it happen as well on CMUS (Command line Audio Player), so it is not related to browsers only, this is my config:

Dell Inc. XPS 15 9530
13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-13700H × 20
Intel® Graphics (RPL-P)
Intel® Arc™ A370M Graphics (DG2)
Fedora Linux 39 (Workstation Edition)
Linux 6.7.7-200.fc39.x86_64
Windowing System Wayland

Glad to know I am not the only one. Yes its not GPU because I had a same problem on both AMD and Nvidia.

This problem is not related to windowing system too. When I had Nvidia it was an older card, so didn’t support Wayland. Did I mention I had the same problem on Nvidia.

What I found is if you executed this command “aplay /dev/zero” fix the issue, however this is just a temporary fix, because it works as long as you keep the command open.