Videos Stutter

I’ve installed Fedora 33, and have faced some problems. My Problems:

While I am watching a video, I see that the video sometimes stutter a little bit. I can’t explain properly, but it is not like tearing. I don’t have tearing problems, I’ve tested it. This problem looks like a lag. Especially, when camera is rotating, this stuttering-like problem appears. I installed media codecs(with sudo dnf groupupdate multimedia and sudo dnf groupupdate sound-and-video). Also, I would like to point out that this problem is not related to browser or video player. Because it happens on browser and video player too. The video is still watchable, but it is pretty annoying. Actually, I am using a laptop that have dual GPU(Nvidia/Intel). I thought that the problem stem from hardware acceleration, then I installed intel-libva-drivers, and opened hardware acceleration on Firefox, but it didn’t work. Finally, I tried to change the primary GPU as Nvidia because I thought that it may happen due to lack of performance of Intel GPU. However, it didn’t work, nothing changed. I don’t have such a problem on Windows 10 because I am temporarily on W10. As I said, I’ve tried many ways to solve the problem for days, but I haven’t found any solution yet, so I want to ask here to solve my problems. Also, when I try to turn the sound volume down and up(with fn + f11/f12), this stuttering problem especially appears too much. It may be a hint for the root of the problem. By the way, on Wayland or Xorg the problem is on both of them.

One more thing. Scrolling is not as smooth as on W10, and it is eye-straining. On Fedora, sometimes words interlace. Is there any solution for these problems. Thanks in advance.

rpmfusion repo is enabled and audio/video codecs are installed? system up to date?

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