Fedora 34: Gnome 40 gestures

And can you help me ways of keeping the touchpad gesture in linux… I want to make three finger gesture for workspace scroll…

I split your previous post since your gestures question is unrelated to beta release, system-upgrade, and updates.

That is default in Gnome 40. You can take a look here:
https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2021/03/gnome-40-new-features (if you search the internet for ‘gnome 40 gestures’ you’ll find a lot of information)

(Or just download Fedora 34 beta and give it a try in a virtual machine)


I was confused by the three-finger gestures, too. I could not get them to work until I tried using them after pressing the Super key, so I guess that is what is intended. IMO, it kind of defeats the purpose; if you have to press the Super key, you may as well do things the old way.


Thank you @augenauf…I am sorry for not organizing the question nicely :pensive: