Fedora 34 and Display port

I have Fedora 34 installed with KDE. AMD RX 550 video card with HDMI and DP outputs. When I connect the monitor via HDMI, I have no problems. But when connecting through the DP when the KDE go into the energy saving mode, when leaving it, two non-permanent problems are observed:
1 The screen can blink with a period of 1-2 seconds, a black screen and a very short image. I can switch to text console and restart my computer
2 Or another version of a failure, white dots are moving across the screen as if out of sync.
Both of these failures do not appear all the time and I cannot find any rules in their behavior. I can calmly login 10 times after the power saving mode, or I may not enter after the first one.
Tell me what you can setup to understand what is the problem?

When using DP in your machine, is the monitor using HDMI or DP? I am asking as DP normally can output HDMI signals - thus a passive DP-2-HDMI cable usually works out of the box.

The video card has separate outputs DP and HDMI, and the monitor has separate inputs DP and HDMI
I am using a DP-DP or HDMI-HDMI cable separately. It looks like the problem is that the video card is not fully or not correctly initialized after being sleep.

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