Monitor issue

now the issue is solved

Can you give us the output of inxi -CMSGxx --edid in preformat or code format here?

Instead of deleting your comments, please share with us how you solved it so the next person that has this issue can learn from what you’ve done and possibly fix it for themselves.

It was simple.With my new monitor AOC I had trouble getting to the fedora login screen, but with kali linux it was not the case I had no problem with new monitor. Then I fixed the problem. Problem was that I had too many cables plugged currently so I unplugged HDMI port and fedora started working properly. I don’t know why kali was working, even though HDMI was not meant to be plugged in, when Display port was plugged in.
So no HDMI with DP

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Thank you for the update
It is standard practice to only have one input to a monitor active at a time.