Fedora 33 eats the battery

Why fedora consumes the battery very fast?
The drivers were installed by fedora,

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Which flavor does the battery have (Brand name of computer and model) :wink:?

My notebook is Dell inspiron 15 3576, Radeon graphics 520, intel graphics 620, 16 gb ram.

That hardware should work well out of the box, so no extra drivers should be required, a BIOS update might bring some improvements.
For longer battery runs use TLP - Optimize Linux Laptop Battery Life — TLP 1.3.1 documentation or https://tuned-project.org/. PowerTOP is great for checking current power draw and testing different settings. All those tools are available in Fedora.

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Thank you

It’s sad but I have to leave Fedora, I really liked Fedora, I tried Ubuntu and It does better power management, maybe some day I come back to Fedora. Thanks for your help.