High battery consumption in fedora 34 linux

It is not a serious issue though but i bought a new laptop just a week back and after community suggestion i make it fedora 34 but i am noticeing something that is fedora giving me lower battery back up then the preinstalled windows 10 but is this a fedora only issue or it is a issue in linux as a whole. If it is not a issue in fedora then suggest me to increase battery backup
I have ryzen 5th gen 7nm
Nvme ssd
1080p screen
I don’t have any additional app installed

This is something we’re continually working on. With the upcoming Fedora Workstation 35, you’ll see that we have new Power Modes in settings (and in the system menu at the top right):

which should help some.

It’s often true that Linux lags some here, because manufacturers do optimization for their specific hardware on Windows. This was actually one of the big deals in getting Fedora Workstation to ship on Lenovo hardware — the Lenovo folks and our desktop team together put a lot of work into tweaking things to get the best power/performance.

Another thing you might look at is web browser configuration. Turning on gfx.webrender.all in about:config on Firefox made a huge difference in video calls for me.


For your knowledge i was trying fedora 35 beta with live boot on same device and it was almost same as 34 in battery life and i was in balance mode and just 35 feels smoother animation. 0i have been using 35 for 4hours like this.
I think a slightly advance(as AI is a thing now) battery power management system can self optimize it’s power usage so it can decrease battery usage. Thank your