Low battery life and high power consumption on Dell XPS 15 9500 (f34/f35)


Hi everyone! I have been using Fedora since the first beta of 34 on my previous laptop. I recently switched to a Dell XPS 15 (9500) and I’m having battery life issues and high power consumption (which are oc linked).
I ran F34 for a few weeks and saw that, even on idle, my temps were around 40/44°C with an estimated battery life of 6 hours (I was on the desktop), and higher on load of course. I then decided to try F35, same issues. On all my tries, I’m using Nvidia’s proprietary drivers with hybrid graphics.
I tried installing powertop (running auo-tune), TLP and preload : didn’t change much.
I am currently on Ubuntu 21.10 (running GNOME 40.4). On this setup (with the same softwares installed, basically the same setup as on Fedora) my temps are around 24-29°C and on idle (just the desktop) Ubuntu estimates 37 hours of battery life.
On my usual use, Ubuntu offers a much higher battery life than Fedora.

Any idea on what to do to get as much battery life on Fedora as on Ubuntu ?

I don’t use a Dell, but understand the issue with less than anticipated battery life. There are ways to solve that, or at least reduce power demand on fedora. You have already tried most of the ones I am familiar with, but a search for ‘battery’ on this forum gives a lot of returns about battery life and it is likely that your solution has already been discussed if you search the threads on that topic.

With that said, a 6 hour life with minimal load does not seem significantly shortened from what I would expect for most laptops. Mine (a ROG gaming machine from Asus) gives me an estimated 10 hrs at the desktop (2% load) and about 1 1/2 hrs with 70% cpu load. I am running F35 and have not done any power tweaking. I have an i9 cpu with 6 core / 12 thread and 16 GB RAM.

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