AMD Dedicated Graphics and Battery Life

Hello everyone,
I’m a completely new user of Linux and, specifically, Fedora. I’m having a kind of a problem with my battery life, as it is known that Linux drains batteries more than Windows. I’m using TLP and Powertop atm, but I read people saying that switching of the dedicated gpu might improve LOADS in terms of battery life. Right this moment I’m with 79% battery and the estimates is for it to run for less than 3h, which is obviously ridiculous. Here’s a screenshot of my Settings window where in Graphics it says I have the AMD Iceland and AMD Raven.

My question is very nooby and may be stupid, but am I using a dedicated GPU, and if so, is there a way to switch it off to improve my battery life? Having to plug the power in my laptop every 3h or so is really bothering me since its a 2-3 months old rig only, and I fear for its durability if this continues. Any help is appreciated, and thank you all in advance.

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