Fedora 32 not booting while connected toThunderbolt Dock

I recently installed fedora 32 on my DELL Precision 7530. Unfortunately if I am connected to the thunderbolt dock my laptop is not booting, it’s freezing at the DELL splash screen. I had Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 installed and with Ubuntu this problem did not appear. I can boot with a fedora live stick and connected to the TB Dock without problems. Also a new install of Ubuntu is working just fine.
I assume there must be a setting or kernel/driver related issue? If I boot my device without TB Dock connected, fedora is booting and perfecly working even if I connect the TB dock after the device is up and running.

any glues?



The frozen Dell screen when booting with a thunderbolt dock is similar to problems I’ve been chasing. Does your dock have a gpu?
On my laptop the bios has an option of delaying starting the monitors for up to 10s - might be worth trying. You could boot into console mode - specify level 3 in grub - and then start the graphical interface with eg lightdm. Also the log file, /var/log/Xorg.0.log, might give a clue.