Dell dock, thunderbolt, external monitor unavailable after disconnect/reconnect

When I boot my Dell laptop running Fedora 38 (6.7.5-100.fc38.x86_64) and attached via Thunderbolt to a Dell dock, my external monitor is detected and functions normally. However, if the laptop cable to the dock is disconnected and reconnected the monitor is not detected and Fedora reverts to the builtin display. The only difference between boltclt listing before and after reconnection is “authflags” under “status”. Before it says “boot” and after it says “none”. I re-enrolled the device but it didn’t lead to Fedora detecting the display. In addition, the LAN connection through the Dock works before and after. I would like help on restarting/reinitializing the dock connection so that the monitor can be used without a reboot of the laptop.