Fedora 32 installed on 32bit system will not let me install another OS

Guys I am having a strange problem. I tried to install Fedora 32 server edition on a 32 bit pentium 4 and after my computer would say their is no OS after exhausting my options and self I looked for help on this website. So I went to install CentOs 7 and when I plugged it in the first time from a usb after hitting f12 at boot sequence the machine loaded into CentOs installation screen. I was installing the netinstall version and it was having problems installing from the net. I then put a minimal version of CentOs on the stick and this same computer with an i386 booted up Fedora 32 from the previous install attempts. It will not load CentOs on the USB. I finally got onto the terminal for the Fedora 32 server edition after having to change the root password because it would not work. Turns out after many attempts to get past the password and changing the password it would not change and after managing to get past the password terminal I am on the localhost login screen for Fedora 32 which should not have ran if the information I have found is correct from the help on a separate page here.

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