Fedora 34 server: hardware requirements

Sorry for cutting in, I have a plan to move from CentOS 7 to Fedora 34+ Server for CentOS 8 or CentOS Stream 8 (Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux as well) could not be installed in my server using old CPU. Will this problem occur in my server after moving to Fedora ?

Which problem you mean? The minimum requirements?

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What’s your CPU? As long as it’s 64-bit, it should be okay.

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This is my question in CentOS.

Looking over your post on centos it seems you expect the newer server OS which is intended to support the commonly used hardware to automatically make it possible for the user to do an install without needing to be conscious of what hardware they have and without even checking if the OS being installed supports that hardware. You are installing new OS on OLD hardware.

The way to find out if fedora will work would be to boot to the live install media and test it. If it works then you are good. If not then you are stuck. You would be far ahead to try it and see instead of asking us, since most of us do not have your hardware for testing.

You are aware, I hope, that fedora has both a server version and a workstation version. I cannot itemize the differences, but mostly related to the graphical desktop. I suggest trying the workstation version, then if that works you know you have drivers available if not already in the server version.


I have successfully installed Fedora 34 Server without any additional setup (as well as Ubuntu Server).

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