Is using Fedora CoreOS with one general-purpose Fedora container for a server application a good model?

I have used Fedora back since Core 1. I an looking to set up a quick restore system used primarily for a NextCloud system. My thoughts are to use a single server with CoreOS and one docker image of Fedora 33 to run it.
My question is, is this a good fit and practical? I am not familiar with cloud/container systems. What brings me to this is wanting the ability to quickly reset the system if something goes wrong.

Thanks for your time.


I would say: this is a good transitional step. You move to isolating your basic hardware enablement and underlying OS from the application. From there, you can grow to a more complicated multi-container / multi-host setup as needed — maybe eventually building to an orchestrated setup, or maybe just finding the level that’s right for your workload.

Thank you, Matthew. I’m attempting to install CoreOS on my server now. Is there any consensus of minimum requirements for the hardware a CoreOS runs on? Memory, speed, disk size, etc? If you know.

Thanks again.

The minimum should be 1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8GB disk but that varies a lot depending on what you want to run.