Fedora CoreOS minimum system requirements

I consider to use CoreOS on a tiny server to deploy containerized mail server components.
Can you please share information about the minimum system requirements of CoreOS?


In the example in the documentation they run


They also note: “DISK_GB should be at least as big as the default size of the image. For Fedora CoreOS, this is currently 10 GB.

In addition you need to plan some resources for the containers you are going to deploy…

Hm… that’s more than I expected.
The resource requirements for the mailserver application Mailu are 1GB of memory + 1GB of swap.
In this use-case it makes no sense to deploy CoreOS if it requires more than the application.

You can probably use a system with 1GB: Low memory machines fails to intialize/boot fcos · Issue #1540 · coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker · GitHub

Note that the memory requirements do not mean that Fedora CoreOS will consume 2GB of RAM at all times. It means that to have a reasonably working experience, we expect system to have 2GB or RAM at the minimum.

Once the system is booted, a lot of those 2GB are free for applications to use.

The official Fedora minimal system requirements are Hardware Overview :: Fedora Docs