Fedora 34 or 33 Workstation for Intel i5-8350U (8th generation) Laptop with 32GB Memory?

Hi. I want to install Fedora Workstation on a Dell Latitude 7490 that has an Intel Core i5-8350U CPU with 32GB memory. Since this is an 8th gen CPU, should I install Fedora 34 or 33 Workstation? My concern is version 34 might be too advanced for an older CPU. Although I know this laptop can run other distros, my preference is Fedora. Please advise.

You should install Fedora 34. Fedora 33 is very near EOL.

Also, an 8th gen core i5 is not an older CPU in the Linux world. That will likely be well supported for quite some time into the future so don’t feel like you need to stay with Fedora 34 either.

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Fantastic. Thank you for the share.