Please help me restore the Fedora 32bits system

Hello Fedora community. I am a beginner and recently joined the Linux Fedora District. I did the update and from there my system can no longer open. How can I restore the system, because my notebook requests this restoration so that I can open the S.O normally. Thank you very much.

The update? What do you exactly mean? From a release to another? (i.e. 31 to 32) Or you performed an update of the packages with the package manager?
At which point your system cannot open? We need more information.
(As a side note: Fedora doesn’t support 32 bit installations anymore since some release ago).


Packages were updated with the package manager when Fedora was opening. After this update, he presents a message: oh, no! Something is wrong. A problem has occurred and the system cannot be recovered. Please log out and try again. This message is right after I try to root.
My Fedora system is the last one, because my Notebook configuration is: Pentium Dual Core T2130 (1.86Ghz) 32 bits 3 RAM

What do you mean? Try to boot? Try to log in as root?
Are you able to see the boot messages? (Hit ESC during boot phase).
Do you have an Nvidia graphic card?

If you are running Fedora 32, it is impossible that you are running a 32 bit system.


Just download the last Fedora version shipping 32bit packages, and reinstall that. That’s the best way to get the machine working optimally. Then make sure it is not updating to something that isn’t 32-bits (which means, you’d have to find the last supported 32bit Fedora repository and point dnf/yum to that)

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The issue is the 32-bit kernel, which isn’t provided by Fedora anymore. I would not recommend to install F28 (last 32-bit version of Fedora) because it doesn’t receive any security updates. If your CPU isn’t capable of running x86_64 operating systems, Fedora is not for you. I would suggest looking for a supported distro (afaik, CentOS 7 provides 32-bit support)


IIRC 32 bit systems were supported by Fedora through F31 and completely dropped in F32. AFAIK Ubuntu, POPOS, Mint, CentOS, and several others still support 32 bit systems

When I try to login, I don’t go ahead and the message appears that an error occurred. On the video card mine is not nvidia. The one on the notebook is: Video Controller: Integrated in the VIA VN800 (Via Open Chrome9 HC IGP) - memory up to 256MB shared. Remembering that I have no CD drive, so the guy who did the service installed the system over the network.

I’ll try again even with the ESC key.
Thanks to all for your help.