A problem has occurred and the system cannot recover

Hi there! Just new to Fedora here. I know there are some solutions to this problem, yet most of them are very outdated (some of them are from the previous version of Fedora, yet the newest are from Ubuntu, which are not very much helpful).

The situation comes like this:

I have installed the Fedora 32 Workstation, which has the GNOME environment. So, after installing it, I’ve installed the NVIDIA driver which is available on RPM Fusion. I have successfully done this method before (way before I encounter this problem on reinstalling), however, just I do the same method, I encountered the problem right after I restarted my PC for the installation of the driver, which always shows the screen “A problem has occurred and the system cannot recover…” before it enters the display manager.

So, what I did is that, I changed the display manager from SDDM (the Fedora Workstation default) into LightDM using the TTY, and it successfully start into it, however, I cannot enter the GNOME and GNOME Classic environment showing the same screen (except that there is a logout button), so I entered the TTY again and installed the XFCE environment, which works but did not install the driver successfully (has larger display and NVIDIA X Configuration did not show).

Additional Info:

  • Fedora 32 Workstation (default)
  • Legacy GeForce 8/9/200/300 (NVIDIA GeForce 210, however it says about there that it’s support ended on 2019)

What do you think are the problems on it?

I don’t know the answer, but I do want to point out that just because a suggestion is for an earlier version doesn’t mean that it’s stopped working. Most of the code hasn’t changed, and even if it has, it may not have changed enough to break that fix. If the fixes are recent enough, give them a try.