Queries with upgrade from F24 - 32 Bit OS

Hello All,

I am running Fedora 24 on a Toshiba Satellite 32 bit box. Looks like due to some reasons, it has garbled up big time. and I am not even able to run commands like “ps -ef”, as they take ages to display the output.

I am planning to download the latest live image of F30, but it seems that 32 bit version is not available at all.

I did some checks and found that after F25, the 32 bit iso is not available even on the “archive” page.

Please advise me on the following:

1.) How to upgrade from F24-F30 ( 32 bit )
2.) How to upgrade from F24-F28 at least ( same 32 bit )
3.) How to erase everything and reinstall F24 / how to bring my existing F24 setup o its nascent “freshly setup” state? I have the backup of all docs done on external HD.


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Using obsolete releases is highly discouraged.
It’s problematic to get support and keep the system secure.

Better install CentOS:
CentOS 7 should be supported until 2024-06-30.