"after life" repositories for EOL releases (32 bit F30)

Are there any repositories for fedora releases that have reached “end-of-life”?

I have an old 32bit laptop that I still use. I had F24 installed (several years ago). Then I began using system-upgrade to upgrade to F30 - the last 32bit release. But upgrading from F29 to F30 failed (still trying to repair that). I would like to simply do a fresh install of F30, but the F30 i686 repos for fedora are empty. I have found an installation ISO (not on fedora site), but I still need to add certain packages.

So are there any archived repos for 32bit F30 (or maybe even earlier) anywhere?

Any help appreciated.



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You may want to disable metalink and use baseurl instead in the repo files.

Also consider to install CentOS 7 which is supported until 2024-06-30.