Fedora 32 b450 ethernet errors

Hey so I just recently upgraded by computer’s motherboard to one with a b450 chipset. However after this upgrade my computer is not longer able to use the ethernet connection. The ethernet section in settings does not show up anymore. I know this is not an error with my internet or the wire because when I boot on my windows drive the computer is able to detect the ethernet connection. Any assistance on this would be really appreciated.

You are talking about the onboard ethernet port, right?

Let’s first find the chipset:

sudo lspci | grep -i ethernet

Do you have a wifi connection that you can use to update your system?

See the following post. It may well be that you some sort of newer Realtek chip that is supported in kernel 5.9.x: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/realtek-ethernet-not-working-on-32/58730/3. So you need to update your system somehow (sudo dnf update)