Fedora 30 installation issues

Hi guys,

I am new to Fedora and I am facing some issue with booting. Previously I can install and run Elementary OS without issue but I wanted to try Fedora.

After I install to harddisk with the live fedora image, I have an error with no file system which I can resolve by setting the prefix and root in “grub rescue”. However, when I type “insmod normal” it returns me with the error "symbol grub_strchrunl not found and I am totally lost at this point.

I tried reinstalling with both lvm and standard partition type but only standard partition allow me to read the os parition while lvm return no filesystem found.

I did try to research online before coming here to post but I am unable to find my solution. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @ohmygod and welcome to Ask Fedora!

It’s not quite clear to me what’s happening to you from you description.

Am I right in assuming you’ve finished the install, the rebooted – and presented with “Filesystem not found” error?

Can you describe it in some more detail – and maybe with some photos of the screen you’re seeing?

As you’re mentioning grub rescue mode – it looks like your grub bootloader doesn’t install properly, which is quite strange.

  1. Are you installing in UEFI mode or BIOS / legacy mode?

  2. Do you have some other OS installed on this machine?

  3. Do you have one harddrive / ssd or more?

  4. Which partitioning options have you chosen during installation? Use full drive, custom/manual partitioning, etc.?

Let’s start from these points and then see where to move on.