Feature Request: Blocking version upgrades via Gnome Software until all pending updates are applied

As seen in this page: Upgrading Fedora Linux to a New Release :: Fedora Docs, fedora linux asks as much as possible the user to first apply all updates before upgrading to a new version. The page details the 4 required steps.
I know many fedora users who just click on the banner “a new version is available” in Gnome Software (with notification), as soon as it pops, as it is just the most instinctive thing to do.
To first apply updates, reboot, and then click on the fancy banner is pretty counterintuitive for an average user who would guess the clicking on the new version notification is the right thing to do, instead of first sorting out whatever lagging updates.

If applying updates before a version upgrade is a needed step, I’d advise the “new version is available” banner to be a two steps thing, with a first message blocking the click and explaining that first the user need to update its system?

Or any more intuitive mechanism to get the desired result.

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Are you on fedora 35 still? That went EOL a long time ago.

No, this is the screenshot coming from the Docs page.

Is it needed, or just advisable? I imagine certain scenarios, where users would want to skip the update because of known issues with their system, which would be solved in the new release.

I understand the reason behind the request though. I wonder if such a change is in Fedora’s or rather in GNOME’s hands.

Next best thing would be to inform the user about the needed update in the text block below the “Fedora Linux [releasever] Available” title.

There have been cases where the system upgrade will fail if updated upgrade code is not install for example. It is rare but does happen.

To make this possible the upgrade code would need to have access at the start of the upgrade to a list of dependencies to check are installed.

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This is also a duplicate of this request/thread, maybe one of the two should be closed?

Closed the one in ask

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I also dont know if that is in Fedora or Gnome Software hands.
But fedora is one of the only distribution that is proposing GUI sytem-upgrade in Gnome Software.
So i guess there is a specific DNF plug in in gnome software for that? Could that plug in start with a sort of call to DNF upgrade first, just wondering?

It would require Fedora to make the metadata available by some API.
Then for the dnf and gnome software to process it to get the correct outcome.

First of all, I do not understand why we always move questions, where probably just the Workstation-WG can give an answer move to The Water Cooler?

In my opinion it belongs to the Discussion Section added to the Workstation-WG. Not as a Feature-Request but as a question if this problem is not:

  • Obsolete because of the change to dnf5 in F41
  • and or the matter of a wrong button label.

The manual is probably outdated and will need an actualization and new images anyway.

Where it is now, we can not add tags that the docs-team, workstation-wg and probably also the dnf5 team get to know it.