How to remove the "upgrade to Fedora 38" message from gnome software in Fedora 37

Hi all,

One of my computers is running Fedora 37 Workstation. I am not planning on upgrading it just yet, i still go into gnome software occasionally.
Every time i do, it helpfully reminds me that Fedora 38 is available and has a download button.
Is there a way to remove this message? I have had a dig around in dconf-editor at org/gnome/software but haven’t found an option to remove it, and i can’t find an answer to this anywhere else.
Is there an easy way to remove this message? I still apply normal Fedora 37 updates as normal via gnome software.


Why not just ignore it and go on. You said you ‘occasionally’ go into gnome software, so it must not be that critical or seriously impacting work flow.

After all, this occurs with every release upgrade and when 39 is released then 37 will be EOL shortly after, so one only has about 3 months before 37 is EOL.

I have never considered it necessary to disable that type of alert message.

AFAIK there’s no such setting (whatever you see in dconf-editor is correct).

You can file a feature request against gnome-software upstream.

Or maybe you can find a way to trick it into failing. I guess the relevant code is somewhere in gs-plugin-fedora-pkgdb-collections.c

Of course i can ignore it.
I was just asking if there was a way to disable it.

Thanks for the reply.