[F39] Text being truncated and cursor has issue positioning in Gnome Terminal

Hello. I haven’t used Fedora for a while and recently I fresh installed Fedora 39.

I found that all my bash output is truncated if it’s outside the screen when using “cat”, and I don’t know if other bash programs has this truncation issue yet. I can’t find any solution or questions similar to mine. (Is this behavior intended on F39 too?)

And there is another cursor positioning/flushing issue.

My “checkwinsize” is on and I’m using an 1920x1080 HDMI output. Is there anyway to bring back the text warping? Thanks in advance.

I just solved this. My chstom PS1 has the trailing \$. After changing to \\$, text wrapping and pasting are normal again. Still don’t know what this has to do with ths issue, but it appears that my PA1 is double-quoted, while single-quoted ones doesn’t need this extra \.