Gnome Terminal Replacing underlines with white spaces while typing


I noticed that for a while now, when typing an underline character on the Gnome Terminal it will automatically replace it with a white space, only when typing. It will still save the file with the underline, ls will show the file name with underline and even the autocomplete will also show it, its really weird and inconsistent. Does anyone know of a way to disable this ?

Do you use the light version, or dark? Does it do same in both versions? What Gnome 40/ 41?

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Are you using a non-default font/font size?

Currently on Gnome 41, but it also hapened on 40. Both on light and dark modes.

Yes, I am.

Using a non-default font would suggest that you should change back to the default font and see if the problem continues or goes away. That could be a font issue but only by testing can we tell.

If we knew what font was in use others could test and see if the behavior can be reproduced which would assist in troubleshooting.

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Hey, thanks for answering. Just because I made the post the bug went away aahahah I didn’t do anything on the app itself, they probably fixed it on the latest update.