Getting weired errors wile using man pages on bash or diffrent shells

while using man page on gnome terminal, either with bash shell or fish shell with starship prompt, I’m getting this similar error both times…

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Unfortunately i could not reproduce the problem. I tried with fish.

How did you install the tools? Fish is available in system repository. If you installed by hand try to remove and reinstall it with dnf.


The problem must be the result of your customization.
Try isolating the issue by creating a new user with default profile.
Revert the system and user profile configs to factory defaults.


If the errors to which you refer are the extra characters like ‘4m’, ‘0m’ etc., then the error is around the type of “terminal” you are using for your display. Back in ancient history when we used CRT displays from different manufacturers and ASCII character sets, colors, italics, bold and other decorations were coded using “escape” sequences around the letters to be decorated. Different manufacturers used different sequences, so you set a TERM environmental variable to indicate the device you were using, and software looked up the appropriate codes in a TERMCAP file (see man termcap). Most of your encodings are working, but not all.
I ssh into a variety of servers where the default TERM setting (echo $TERM) shows as xterm. If you have changed your TERM setting or have a modified or damaged termcap, this could explain your problem.


I installed the fish and starship package from dnf repository only. The error even persists while using bash also.

Can you tell us what you get, checking the variable @zardian?

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ya, the output of echo $TERM is
on my gnome terminal.

Thanks everyone, the problem was indeed with my fish config file. I tested the default config with a new user account and it was working, so I switched all the config. files. But I still don’t know how the bash shell was getting affected this.